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Meet the Designer, Lis Castella
“Designing and Creating fashion is not only my passion, it is my greatest pleasure”
                                                             -Lis Castella

     Growing up Lis loved playing with dolls and watching her mother make magical creations on her antique sewing machine. Lis found herself making dresses for her dolls like her mother did for her. She knew that her future was to be part of the fashion world.

     The fashion industry is very tough and competitive with so many good brands for women’s clothing. Lis believes in energy which allows her to create each and every design with passion. It evokes enthusiasm and positivism that gets transmitted into her final garment or collection. Lis Castella is young with fresh designs for ladies looking for alternative styles. She enjoys experimenting with silhouettes, colors, shapes, and textiles to produce something uniquely different . 


     The proudest moment for Lis was becoming a mother to a beautiful daughter, now a young teenager. Her most memorable moment of her career was being selected by one of the best academies in Medellin, Colombia to be a Program Director of Fashion Design at 20 years of age, just one year after graduating and only one year of work experience. Seeing her designs in the windows of retailers like White House and Black Market, Rampage, Arden B and several other boutiques was quite inspiring as well. So much so, at her first New York show, Femme, they chose her clothing booth to be next to BeBe, Rampage, and BCBG. 

     Her spirit is contagious, and her warmth beguiling. Her deep-rooted drive to be a great mother and creative entrepreneur makes Lis someone to Follow. 

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"I’ve never met a designer with such classy, unique dress ideas...with a touch of artwork.

Having watched how she designed her art work, inspired me to collaborate with her, to change things up for my figure. It was so much fun watching her create.

Unlike most dress makers she doesn’t get stuck in a rut. She doesn’t stick to what worked and over. She gets bored with the mundane. 

You’ll stand tall and confident wearing her designs. Everyone will look at you, then will do a double take.

Absolutely recommend meeting her or trying one of her designs."

-Kathryn M. O'Hearn Loring

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