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Our Fashion sketches are created by Lis herself. Her artistic flair incorporating elegance, international forward trends and timeless style all come together to produce the idea for your original design.  


We start with a template of your body and draw the garment onto it. This allows Lis to design and showcase you with originality and style.


Lis personally autographs every new sketch design. A keepsake to enjoy and memorialize our work together.

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Our Fashion Consultancy remains up-to-date with marketplace trends and current fashions while maintaining a timeless knowledge of fashion principles. We are experts in the field of fashion constantly analyzing seasonal trends and implementing them in with our client recommendations.


The fashion industry is constantly changing. And so do our tastes and style. If desired, we would like to develop new concepts and outfits for you as these changes evolve. Think of Lis and her associates as your personal Fashion Consultants.  

We are Fashion. Highly personable. We would like to gain your trust and loyalty by being great listeners, able to personalize each customer’s experience.

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Our Fashion Consultations include individual pieces, entire outfits, color palettes, styles and fabrics.


We listen to our clients to understand their needs, including aesthetic preferences, personal style and body type. Also very important for us to know is if there is a particular occasion you are dressing for and if there is a price range involved we can meet by picking the correct fabrics and trims/accessories. 

Knowing the




The shape of a clothing style. Formed by the width and length of the neckline, sleeves, ,waistline and pants or skirt.




A rough, preliminary drawing or sketch. 




Refers to how tight or loose a garment is on the person wearing it.


Haute Couture

Is “finest dressmaking” in French. Refers to the high fashion industry or “fashion houses” with a designer who creates original, individually designed fashions ready-to-wear garments.

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